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Originally Posted by derekbuttery View Post
Freedom for self expression and the freedom to speak that expressiveness is nil because most of what we really want to say would offend others. It's an offence to offend in most countries, it's illegal to express yourself violently, it's illegal to speak in racist monologues, or to encourage others to express themselves through violence.

But maybe that's what I want to do. Express my inner most hatred towards one group of people through speeches and books and literature, and get like minded folks to express their hatred towards similar groups through violence.... see where this could lead?
You see this is the thing, surely the correct way to counter what you speak about is to inform and disseminate other information , to inform people of why they are wrong on a subject or to ask that they consider other factors.

If a group is being targeted by dis information then the group should feel the need to stand up for itself and prove people wrong.

There are all ready protections in place for inciting violence , you can't write a political manifesto based on singling out a particular group for collective punishment for example. You can present facts on the other hand, and you can link behavioural patterns to groups if it can be backed up by evidence.

I actually wish these laws were applied properly across the board and not used selectively dependant upon the political tone of the day or dependant on who feels offended by the truth today.

If something is a lie, you don't get offended. You laugh at it for how ridiculous it is and maybe you have enough reason to prosecute someone for slander or libel. Depends what they are saying.

If something is true you may get offended hearing it because people don't like the truth they prefer the glossy lies with nice pictures.

Speech and expression should not be monitored dependant on how offended somebody is , and neither should protections be in place so groups can hide behind say - religion as a way to promote social division or incite violence.

Neither should our search for the truth be dependant on if somebody will be offended by it.
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