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Originally Posted by the tealady View Post
Please write to your Member of Parliament or Congressman to advocate for this man who has been so unjustly treated.
Julian Assange is controlled by small inter dimensional goats who came to Earth in 1422 and began impregnating Earth goats.

From there the Earth goats began talking to the small inter dimensional goats using ancient techniques known as Bhul Shi' and a plot was hatched to invent Julian Assange.

In approximately 1689 another faction of inter dimensional Ferrets known as The Wigglers began appearing and leaving behind their ancient technology for humans to find , unfortunately this ancient technology looked exactly like old white dog poo and so mostly it was shunned and the few who took to using it went stark raving mad and left behind no notes.

In the present day the small inter dimensional goats have learnt to telepathically interact with humans using the same ancient technique of Bhul Shi' and have managed to invent Julian Assange along with every other truther who will soon be exposed as working for the CIA which was also invented by the inter dimensional goats.

There is as much substance in the above statement as in the rest of this threads replies.

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