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Question Mutiny or Sabotage

Crew of HMS Affray..
HMS Affray, a British Amphion-class submarine, was the last Royal Navy submarine to be lost at sea, on 16 April 1951, with the loss of 75 lives.. All vessels of her class were given names beginning with the letter A; she was the only ship of the Royal Navy to be named after a particularly noisy and disorderly fight..Affray was built in the closing stages of the Second World War.. She was one of 16 submarines of her class which were originally designed for use in the Pacific Ocean against Japan..Some elements of her design were taken from captured Nazi German U-boats.. Her Modular style of manufacture and all-welded hull were unique at the time..

Laid down: 16 January 1944..

On 16 April 1951, Affray set out on a simulated war mission called Exercise Spring Train with a reduced crew of 50 from 61..They were joined by one sergeant, one corporal, and 2 marines from the Special Boat Service; a commander (Engineer), a naval instructor, se7en lieutenants in the engineering branch, and 13 sub-lieutenants..This made her complement 75 in total..She also had 10 torpedo tubes which made her & her class some of the most formidable submarines in the world at that time..Her captain's orders were unusually flexible: the Marines were to be dropped off somewhere along the south west coast of England—the captain told the Admiralty he had chosen an isolated beach in Cornwall—come ashore and return under the cover of darkness..The exercise was expected to continue until Affray was due to return to base on 23 April for essential defect repairs including a leak in a battery tank..When she missed her 0800 report due the next day she was declared missing and an immediate search Begum..Cabotage originally meant simply coasting trade, from the French caboter, to travel by the coast..

The Search For 'affray' (1951)..Off the Isle of Wight...

On 14 June the primary search vessel HMS Loch Insh made a sonar contact near Hurds Deep, a deep underwater valley in the English Channel..About 6 MeV of the fission-input energy is supplied by the simple binding of an extra neutron to the heavy nucleus via the strong force; however, in many fissionable isotopes, this amount of energy is not enough for fission..Uranium-238, for example, has a near-zero fission cross section for neutrons of less than one MeV energy..Examples of fissile isotopes are U-235 and plutonium-239..Just before 9pm, Blackburn sent a signal to base..It read: ‘Diving at 2115 in position 5010N, 0145W for Exercise Training Spring’.. It was the last signal ever received from Affray..Typical fission events release about two hundred million eV (200 MeV) of energy for each fission event..Almost half a century after the loss, Innes McCartney, an experienced trimix diver with a passion for sunken submarines, obtained the position of Affray from the Ministry of Defence and dived to the sunken submarine..When a uranium nucleus fissions into 2 daughter nuclei fragments, about 0.1 percent of the mass of the uranium nucleus appears as the fission energy of ~200 MeV..She was 17 miles (27 km) northwest of Alderney, a lot closer to France than England..To this day, the crew are entombed in the submarine on the northern edge of Hurd's Deep... might be saying the same thing over here but it sounds better in French..Maybe Paris has a way of making people forget..Yes, Sir..In my case an Incident of berth..Yes ma'am.. I'm on my way...

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