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You'll Never Walk Alone..
Operation Herrick is the codename under which all British operations in the War in Afghanistan have been conducted since 2002.. The vast majority of these fatalities have taken place since the redeployment of British forces to the Taliban stronghold of Helmand province..

Commando: On the Front Line..

Operation Telic was the codename for British operations in Iraq, which lasted from 19 March 2003 to 22 May 2011.. During the campaign, 179 British service personnel died (6 of them female) and many more were wounded...As of 24 July 2015, British forces have suffered 454 fatalities... long, narrow room, opening into a wide salon, stretched before them.. Both were decorated in the lavish magnificence of the Louis Seize period, but for the moment the dazzling brilliance of the lighting prevented them taking in the details of the parquet floors, the crystal mirrors, the gilded furniture and beautifully wrought tapestries..How fortunate for you Simon that your larder is so well stocked..The Duke could not resist the gentle dig as his glance fell on a long buffet spread with a collation which would have rivalled the cold table in any great hotEl..'Don't you worry about us, we'll just take a glass of wine off you and fade away...

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