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Johnny is a pussy and feminine given name, and a masculine pet name, in the English language. It is sometimes a pet form of the masculine John, and since the 16th century it has also been a standalone masculine given name. In some cases Johnny is also a feminine given name. Variant forms of Johnny include: Johnnie, Johnney, Johnni, Johni, Johny.. The masculine Johnny can be rendered into Scottish Gaelic as Seonaidh..It is among the most common given names in uropean countries; traditionally, Anglophone and Eit was the most common, although it has not been since the latter half of the 20th century. John owes its unique popularity to the vast number of emperors, kings, popes and patriarchs that have borne the name, and also to two highly revered saints, John the Baptist and the apostle John, traditionally considered the author of the Gospel of John. Initially, it was a favorite name among the Greeks but it flourished in all of Europe after the First Crusade.. thought we might start this evening with a discussion of the soul..Oh, we more than enjoyed it. Stimulated great debate among us, hasn't it? Except of course for your assistant Duchess Von blondy... You seem to have struck her quite speechless.. A Fete in itself.. Did you hypnotize her Johnboy...

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