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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
is that the tom watson who takes money from the jewish lobby?

‘So you can find out who donates cash to Tom Watson MP by searching in the electoral commission’s database. It’s true what they say about following the money. The vast majority of regular donations that he receives are from Sir Trevor Chinn who represents the Jewish Leadership Council (previously known as the Jewish Community Leadership Council). This is an organization in the United Kingdom, founded in 2003, which acts as an umbrella group for various Jewish community organizations, charities, Zionist and pro-Israel advocacy groups.’

Is it the tom watson who sings zionist songs to the jewish lobby with as much gusto as he can muster?

Tom Watson Singing Am Yisrael Chai

Is that the tom watson who supported the adoption of the international definition of anti-semitism?
Yes that would be the same one

A duplicitous man obviously

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