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Originally Posted by LasseMaja View Post
Sorry shodan, I did not intend to sound patronizing. I guess I do sometimes... \/

Anyway... The details is not of greatest importance. As long as we work together on the quest for truth, we will all be enjoying the ride. Thanks to David and many others for making this such a cool trip.

Just say no to the f*****g [email protected]#
I agree, we cant expect to agree with everyone and do not have to either. Trying to get everyone researching this stuff to agree would both be a waste of time and impossible.

And I agree with saying no to it of course, the first verychip might not be a control one. The first many chips wont be control chips at all, its too likely that it will get noticed then. I think it much too probable that it will escelate though and become a mind control chip, because the governments would like to have able to control the billions of people as much as possible.
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