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I'm sorry to be a critical bastard, but I believe this clip shows how conspiracy theorists link unconnected dots to each other with almost no solid reason what so ever. This clip discredits the credibility the whole "don't-get-chipped-movement" for these reasons:

There seems to be two major reasons why not to get chipped. The first one is the big brother nightmare, and that part of it I totally agree with. That is already a good reason why not to get chipped.
Hi please don't be sorry the forum is about debate and questioning other peoples beliefs/agenda's

I posted the clip as a reference to the cat and the cow/bull in answer to your original questions below, the bull was controlled remotely, this suggests its perfectly possible via wireless microchips inserted into the brain:


Icke have predicted the human micro chipping for a long time, and we see it coming by the day. No doubt about that.

But claiming that the microchip will actually have the ability to remotely control us, via our emotions is kind of a sci-fi claim.
How will this work? Through bombing of radio waves? Will the chip work as a receiver to empower the radio frequencies?
Any sources? Studies? Animal tests?

We have long known that chemicals can alter ones mood and behavior.
But what do we know about the unseen forces?

Thanks for clearing things up for me!

By the way; I found this article on
"On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology"

The second reason is far more sci-fi than the first one and it makes this clip non-credible for these reasons:

First of all, the first clip with the animals shows how animals react when an electrode is implanted to their brains, and that is not the same thing as a verichip. Not at all.
What it shows I guess is similar to the controversial "electroconvulsive therapy" (ECT).

Second, approximately 4 minutes in the clip we see two TV-hosts speaking about some professor who "have had an implant inserted to his nervous system... which discovers exactly how the brain sends out signals controlling movement, even sensations such as pleasure and pain."
Then, there is a clip of the professor controlling a robotics hand just by moving his own. As you will see, there is some kind of sensor connected to his arm.
The whole reportage from this media station is bias. Yes, you can brain scan people and measure activity in different parts of the brain telling how the person probably feel. (It can't read thoughts by the way.)
Anyway, it's bias, and we conspiracy theorists can't rely on biased media reportages. Period.
You know yourself how much media distorts information. Just because it fits our belief it's not necessarily truth.
Us conspiracy theorists are the only ones questioning the media and sources posted on the forums. But I'm not endorsing anything, it was a reference point to the animals.

I hope you all will understand what I mean, and I hope I help you to look at things critically, even David's work. This clip shows how easy it is for the media to distort the truth. I might be wrong, but I feel that I need solid evidence to be able to connect the dots.

Thanks for reading.
Well I hope thats not as patronising as it sounds Lol! But I know how expressing yourself with text on a thread can be.
but thanks, I look at things critically - even Davids work - omg

There are many many dots to connect.....and you have a healthy attitude shared by all the genuine members on here - a search for the truth and a thirst for facts.
The Internet is allergic to the truth

I heard through the baseline

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