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People shouldn't be looking for a messiah, or someone to follow.
But... and forgive me here, the title of this thread is 'Incredible Mantra to Change Your Life From China'

The supposition being, that by listening to Dr Sha's mantra, your life will improve for the better. That sounds very much akin to relying on an external source, mantra or no, to solve/rectify your own issues.

Anyway, it's not worth getting at odds over- if you've found something of benefit in his mantras then I'm definitely not trying to take that away. I'm just aware that there may also be vulnerable people who read these threads, who might very well be looking for a messiah, or someone to follow, and who might benefit from seeing both sides of the coin before potentially throwing themselves (and their life savings) at Dr Sha.

I know we shouldn't be looking for a messiah, but deep down, if we're honest, I think we all do to an extent. It's very appealing to encounter someone who appears to have it all worked out, and who can download heavenly codes into our mind for a nominal surcharge. That IS Dr Sha's business model. And it's usually the most vulnerable people who gravitate towards these 'quick fixes'. You cannot purchase spiritual awareness- that is where Dr Sha loses credibility a tad, for me anyway.

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