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Default Greece, Italy, Spain.. Just deny the "debts".

The debt is paper money. Just refuse to pay it. Announce that the debt is computer created debt and computer created interest without precious metal backing, and hence invalid.
Or pay it back in Gold quoting gold at a million dollars an ounce [which is the true value according to leading economist Marc Faber].

A corollary of Controversial writer Benajmin Fulford's latest article is that the 50% debt write off offered to Greece was given to prevent them from announcing the fraud of fiat currency.

Jason Hommell calculated that if the entire world chose to pay one years of Oil Purchase in SIlver instead of Dollars or Euros, Silver would easily clear $250,000.00 per ounce.

2.7 trillion US dollars worth of crude is bought every year.

400 million ounces of Silver are mined every year.

At even 100 bucks an ounce that is only 400 x 100 million or 40 billion dollars.
How to get another 2660 billion worth of Silver? And what would be the Gold Price using historical 10:1 Ratio if SIlver cracks 250 grand an ounce?
Gold = 2.5 million dollars an ounce.

So yes, at this true value, Greece can pay off her debts immediately.

Unless, Crude is revalued down to its true value of 1 cent a barrel. But in that case, peak oil theory would crack, Saudi Arabia would become bankrupt and and big oil War mongering corporates would become big junk.

So you see, just one honest move of shifting one commodity trade to Gold or SIlver is enough to expose the Fiat Currency Debt based Rothschild Plan as a huge fraud perpetrated on Humanity.

Imagine if all commdities are re-valued in terms of Gold and Silver.

Write this to all the Protest Movements. Write this to your senators and governors and mayors and county sheriffs. Their salary is a fraud too. They must be paid in Gold. They must awaken first to this fact that they too are being had by the Rothschild/Rockefeller/Banking Empires.

All Credit Card Debt and National Debt of each and every country is a fraud. Nobody owes any bank anything un less and until they account for all that cash in terms of precious metals.

Think about it.
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