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Originally Posted by clint_giles View Post
or if you can find some weed oil from a local dealer. the kind that comes in glass vials,or baby jars is the oil you need to injest.

also you can zap away cancer...if this is the route you want to take. or make your own zapper with a ac outlet adapter only not ac/dc . a couple of 6 inch pieces of 3 quarter inch copper (like the plumbers use) and a damp cloth. use it 3 times a day atleast 20 minutes apart for 7 minute session at a time. this is a proven method aswell
i personally know a man in my home town who has cure 4 different people ,with different stages of cancers..all who were given their death bed,,who are alive still today using this method.
this also helps with arthritist and other forms of aliments to the human body..please look into it .
both methods are proven fact ,they cure or supress the cancer much better and faster the conventional methods used today...:ie radiation treatments or pills ,from big pharma companies.
You have a link for DIY zapper?
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