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Originally Posted by jake_ball View Post
Could be a genuine accident. But who knows these days.
Could be genuine - 1 per cent chance
Could be a drill - 99 per cent chance.

The floods are an excellent opportunity for the emergency services to conduct drills - it's difficult to simulate flooding, so why not get a local bus operator to park up in a place liable to be flooded and then simulate a rescue. Why smash the window when the door is open? It's absurd

oh yeah

“We will be working with the management staff at (bus company) Stephenson’s to ensure that the incident is fully investigated and appropriate action is taken
like send them a cheque andn thank them for lending a bus for their drill
Funny isn't it, there was a carbon copy incident in Ayrshire when a bus, allegedly off-route , decided to park up in a low lying bit of flooding susceptable road, on the wrong side in the ditch. Hey presto, we have another drill in full swing, Staged Coach this time.

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