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[QUOTE=felixfelix;1062599315]A highly objective source. Care to elucidate

A manager from stagecoach told me it was driver error

I dont think the bus was doing 60mph - modern deckers are powerful but it takes time to accelerate to that speed. Prob 20-30 mph

The bit that is slightly odd in my view is that the front upper deck passengers did not see there was a problem in terms of the bus heading at speed towards a super market. I would be running towards the back of the bus! If the bus was doing 60 odd mph the passengers would be getting a very rough ride and would know something very wrong was happening.

Looking at the incident pictures it looks like the supermarket entrance canapy did the damage by coming through the top deck windows and first the two seating bays. If anyone was sat in these seats they would have been in trouble.

Not sure if the bus had cctv - if so the footage will show what happened very clearly.

do u really think this staged?
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