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Originally Posted by stipey View Post
I don't have a pic of her latest album on here, but in it there is much to be said. First she looks like a stepford wife. Second the symbolism is the black and white dress, the crystals poured on the front of her shaped like flowers, the creepy thing on her left wrist. Looks like something with thorns, with a lizard or snake skull at the end of it. I don't even think it's her, because my theory is she was replaced long ago. After her fourth record things changed dramatically. The sound this thing produces sounds like computerized stimulated crap. T
Nah, the music changed after she fired her longtime guitarist. He brought an edge to things.

Discovered this today
According to new information posted on Amazon, the song cycle begins with a broken relationship between Tori (“the force of fire”) and an unnamed man (“the force of tide and wave”); she then meets a shapeshifter called Anabelle (played by Tori’s daughter Natashya) who persuades her to travel back in time a few thousand years to ancient Ireland.
An end to need
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