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Originally Posted by fairyelfdog View Post
Okay. Judy, listen. Just because David earns money, it doesn't mean he is against us or that doesn't want to solve anything or that he thrives on the problem. Quite the contrary Davids work has done enormous good, having read them, I know he is extremely passionate about the freedom of everyone and that he does everything he can to dissolve it by helping people to wake up and pointing to the incredible possibilty of finding your true self. This post to me has been the drip which made the glass tip over. I am so furious with many on this forum. I am so sick and tired of people pointing fingers at others, killing off eachothers ideas, treating eachother with suspicion, ignorance and prejudice and thinking that they are the only ones who is doing anything about this and who really is "real", honest and passionate. For crying out loud STOP THROWING STONES AT EACHOTHER. STOP BICKERING!

Yes, David earns money, SO WHAT? When you know who you are nothing like that affects you. You are only projecting your own fear of what YOU haven't done onto this man. Your OWN feelings of unworthyness. We are all worthy! We all know ways to solve this. We can all love and have perfectly brilliant minds if we just allow it. Breathe. Get out of attackmode. This goes for me too. I am breathing deeply right now.

I have actually been into waterhealing for a while now but I think this is an emergency and needs a more direct approach (NOT VIOLENT OR ABUSIVE).

And believe it or not, Judy, I care about children and the situation in Africa and sex crimes too. It's all connected. Children will die and/or their health will be detroyed if they take the vaccine. What we call AIDS was spread and fortified this way.

I have a question, Judy: Vibrations are information, right? Can you actually spread an urge to be more independent and specifically not take the vaccine through watermagic? In that case it is very interesting but it doesn't have to exclude writing the police (from a grassroot level. Not the headquarters).

Thank you for listening

very well put but can you see you are doing the same thing to me as you THINK I am doing towards you?

let me get this correct. You want me to focus on the problem that has your attention? YOu want me to drop everything I'm doing and focus 100000% on the problem that YOU find is important because you FEEL it's an emergency - people will die?

if so why is it you can't see that I have, I recognize your focused problem as well plenty of others. I've recognized what will solve all of them but you want to focus on just one problem. Frankly if we can't recognize the bigger problems maybe the human race should end, we should all die. If that is the case then the vaccine is a good idea and we should convince everyone to take it.

For you to come across as pissed off as you appear just because I won't bow down to writing YET ANOTHER LETTER to someone YOU think will listen makes me say the words LOOK IN A MIRROR - it is you who is projecting this onto me and not me projecting this only you.

i SEE YOU AS A LOVING PASSIONATE PERSON NOT INTERESTED IN DOING ME HARM. I see you stuck on a problem running into a wall over and over again and getting yourself all worked up. YOu can't even see that your words are the same as mine. If you've read David's books then you know what you FEEL is being projected onto you is actually an illusion, it is you projecting that onto yourself - this is your illusion not mine.
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