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Originally Posted by judy101 View Post
WITH LOVE I only said what I said because millions of people have said the same words as you for years and nobody is listening. The problem is you want us to listen to you, while you aren't listening to us (me). As long as you say the words "if we solve your problem, the we have broken the chain" then I know without doubt you only want your problem solved and not the problems other people must face. You want to be happy and you dont' seem to care about others. Others of us are humans too, why is it you don't have the same concern for OTHER problems as you do with this one?

I know without doubt you do care passionately about everyone's problem, you just aren't aware of them yet. What is causing this vaccine problem is also causing all other problems and no a chain letter will not solve this problem and it won't break the chain.

Please feel the love, we just have a communication problem. When I make my complaints about things that are going wrong, I get the same response as you are feeling. David Icke was put down big time for pointing out problems people didn't understand. It's the process and it's painful so please feel my love towards you when I share my thoughts.
What the..... I'm just not aware of them yet? Wow. I didn't know that. Who are you talking to again? *looks over her shoulder* My word.... thats condescending. I can feel your attitude, girl, but there certainly isn't any love there, only complete lack of respect and some really over-the-top assumptions.
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