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Originally Posted by judy101 View Post
water holds DNA (information)
Water is something every human on this planet requires.

We have been influenced by media which is controlling us like deaf, dumb and blind sheep - how? The process that was used to control us, can also be used to gain our own control back and nobody can stop it.

we think stuff will make us happy and we are starting to wake up to the reality that stuff wont' bring happiness BUT if we use this insanity thinking we can heard the planet into happiness without them even knowing it.

we dont' think in words we think in chemical experiences - the body needs to make a mixture of different peptides for us to experience that thought. Right now we are focused on everything that doesn't bring us happiness adn that is making a mixture of peptides that doesnt' feel all that good. Water can be used to help train our brains to create the peptides that do feel good - which will change our DNA (let me know if you don't understand that part)

it takes the brain 21 days to make shift in thinking, within 1 year you competely change your experience and within 2 years you're creating a completely new body (let me know if you don't understand that)

We also need to transform our problems into solutions - water can help you recognize the "unknown problem" which is the problem that comes from you but you THINK it comes from others and is completely out of your control. Recognizing that a problem is coming from you gives you power to solve.

are you with me on this part so far?
Great. You are right but how is this going to stop people from taking the vaccine?
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