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Originally Posted by whitenight639 View Post
hmmm how to fuck up the system without getting anyone hurt is a hard one.

heres where my thought process went,

we could all book lots of doctors appointments under fake names.. but thats a very bad idea!

we could all park our cars in the middle of main roads and block them off,
still a bad idea.

we could all not go to work, one of the better ideas still not great unless we can stop ourselfs getting fired by creating some kind of union.

we could all make as many banking transactions as possible in a small timeframe and try crash there servers (theres not enuf of us on here to even make a dent tho, and when it comes to finances they have load balencing and bacup server farms).

we could all report the crime of genocide by baxter and alike to local police stations, swamping them and maybe waking sum bobbys up.

i dunno there must be something better i havnt thought of.

I've worked on that one for a very long time and I have come up with a solution. It's easy, it gets everyone attracting exactly what they want, it stops us from judging others, it transforms negative beliefs into positive one's that serve you better. It provides all the money the planet needs to fund new technology that benefits humanity and not distroys it, it improves communication and it's something that government can't control. The solution is water, very simple but for some odd reason nobody can understand how it works. It's scientific, more then enough science to back up why it works, it uses psychology to reprogram your brain - sort of like de-programming bullshit. It's almost as if we don't want peace, we don't want to solve problems.

When we are ready, it will happen. From the information I've gathered it will take about 2 years to shift the entire planet.
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