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The KLF were massively into this, a lot of their stuff had some connection with the number 23. Here's a list ripped from Wikipedia:

* In lyrics to the song "Next" from the album 1987: "23 years is a mighty long time".
* In periods of time: for instance, they reportedly signed a contract preventing either of them from publicly discussing the burning of a million pounds for a period of 23 years;[74] their 1997 return as 2K was "for 23 minutes only".[75]
* In numbering schemes: for instance, the debut single "All You Need Is Love" took the catalogue number JAMS 23, while the final KLF Communications Information Sheet was numbered 23; and Cauty's Ford Galaxie police car had on its roof the identification mark 23.
* In significant dates during their work: for instance, a rare public appearance by The KLF, at the Liverpool Festival of Comedy, was on 23 June 1991; they announced the winner of the K Foundation award on 23 November 1993;[76] and they burned one million pounds on 23 August 1994.[54]
Congratulations, you found the secret message. Shhh!
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