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Originally Posted by screamingeagle View Post
Metallica - Creeping Death live Helsinki Finland

soo sooo good

I can't explain how much crazier it was to see them in the 80's. In Detroit? Oh shit! It was so ROWDY! Imagine Queensryche or The Cult trying to open for the Big M in Detroit with random fights breaking out and people throwing shit at the band. Ian Astbury coped with enough alcohol to nearly cause him to fall off the stage. Geoff Tate stood his ground and possibly earned some respect in doing so. He gave almost an old school wrestling promo like "You know it don't take much of a man to stand down there and throw something. If you are so bad why don't you come up here...?" Something like that. Maybe lucky for him no one went up there hahaha! Lotta big crazy burnouts in the Detroit area - at least back then.

Not to drive a point home with a sledgehammer but for example...a golden chance to see Metallica with Cliff that I failed to realize...April 4, 1986 Detroit opening for Ozzy. Half the crowd left after Metallica...

xx:xx - Battery (Missing)
00:00 - Master of Puppets (Filming didn’t begin until after they started playing)
05:44 - For Whom The Bell Tolls
10:06 - Ride The Lightning
17:18 - Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
23:18 - Rowdy fans interrupting the show
27:40 - Seek & Destroy
34:32 - Creeping Death
42:25 - Am I Evil?
46:27 - Damage, Inc.

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