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Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
I was going to comment in the OP on how unusually beautiful she was. My first reaction was "Wow, she's hot, like reeeallly hot in a way I haven't come across before."

In hindsight I think most guys will recognise that reaction when they've been duped by a tranny

OK, I'll try...and if I run out of material I'll just start making stuff up.

Comparing Adamski's description of Orthon to Dolores, it just seems precisely accurate to me.

Note that he says 'a finely chiselled nose, not conspicuously large'.

You don't say somebody's nose isn't conspicuously large, unless it already has a large appearance, i.e. Orthon didn't have a small, dainty nose.

Another thing: would a female dress designer in the 1950s not have plucked eyebrows?
Just been reading through this thread and am not sure what to think, one thing that jumped out at me though is the eyebrows too, they seem very out of place with the rest of her(his?) appearance. Most ladies with naturally untidy eyebrows wax, pluck or have them threaded, I assume thinks were similar in the 50s. They make an already unusual face seem even more odd. I wonder if someone saw the eyes and eyebrows without seeint the rest of the face would they think man, woman or not be able to tell?
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