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Fresh meat is good because most other foods have a preposterous amount of synthetic estrogen sneakily crept in them by the vultures in FDA - this estrogen converts to testosterone in desirable specimens and degrades the testosterone of undesirable specimens. You can tell because the desirable specimen will have more of a non-solid, light body, be careful. A lot of modern bodybuilders aren't particularly athletic for this reason, Africans tend to have better DNA for sports but the PTB don't like them surpassing the English man, Asians "shouldn't" either. Where I live Africans used to be so much taller. The world is Mengele's Nazi test camp ATM, the softly spoken and meek ascend regardless of skill set, bottle or manners. Reptilians are highly racist.
Half of what I write is digested and impressed upon my subconscious ultramagnetic mind dispensary

The other half is rejected for a pack of greys to recycle and recode my dream state as a Organic temple of pleasures! OH How delectable! The pleasures of Hip-Hop, of ESP and transcending Baphomet's grid works!

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