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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
All good additional advice zhiba.

I have two questions.

1. In your experience, do you think selenite never need cleansing? i.e. self-cleansing

2. As for Obsidian, it sounds as though, very powerful glass. If it absorbs so much negativity efficiently, wouldn't that make it a fabulous energy source if you can transmute it? That's what the woman in the video suggests. You could supposedly programme it to transmute it into wealth for example. Then you'd want to sit in front of No.10 or masonic lodge to absorb all negativity and collect that energy.
i don't think any crystal is self cleansing - despite what all the 'experts' say

And, even the toughest of us needs a cuddle and a mollycoddle every now and again - it never hurts to take care of them


Bear in mind that you are liquid crystal.... You could absorb that negativity stored in the crystal if you use it to absorb heavy energy.... Best just to get rid of it

Would you really want to work with that kind of stuff?
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