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Originally Posted by judgedread View Post
Yes if the dog barks twice then it's up for it and if the cows does not run away then it has concented to taking payment in the form of extra food for sexual services to the farmer.

I knew this day would come and it won't take much for "Gay Pride" to welcome peodophiles in under the stolen flag of the rainbow who gays hijacked off peace protesters in the first place.

Homo's allso stole the world "Gay" from it's original meaning of being Happy but you cannot stop them because they have more rights than anyone else.

Half the population is not gay and yet about half victims of child abuse are boys so thats my beef with homo's and i don't buy the excuse they the child perverts are just pedophiles, no they are Gay peodophiles.

The NWO has forced gays on the world via strings attached to IMF loans and most of the bankers behind the IMF are jewish so this leads me to ask three questions.

1. The more these jewish bankers and make us look like animals the easyer it will be to kill us
2. Population reduction as part of option 3
3. DNA modifiyed testube babies from the state need surigate parents, gays fill this requirement.
There's nothing wrong with homos, and you can't blame all homos for Lucifarian agenda that seeks to control all movements. This Satanic agenda has co-opted the commercial music industry, big business, politics and organised religions to name but a few. This Satanic, demonic cabal even infiltrates the truth movement where it can. It uses symbolism to draw on peoples' energy.
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