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The word synthetic means it is man made. The substance can be found in the plant but it is combine with a substance not found in the plant. The drug laws are based on patent infringement. You won't find the patent because it is in a private registry.

What we call "government" has a public and private side. Attorneys took an oath of secrecy so they won't tell you.

Someone patented the process behind extracting the juice from young plant of cannabis and reacting with some chemical to make a new substance called hash.

The police is arresting someone for patent infringement. The ALL CAPITAL NAME belongs to a corporation. That doesn't belong to you but the person. They charges the ALL CAPITAL NAME account because the corporation is getting paid for the patent infringement. The state is prepaying the fine by charging the ALL CAPITAL NAME. Some corporation behind the scene is getting paid.

According to Locke Management Association v. Martha Esche, the judge ruled that Locke Management Association is a public corporation formed by the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency. Since it is a public corporation, it doesn't have to register with the California Secretary of State. It is also exempted from registering fictitious business name with the county. That why you can never find out who owns your ALL CAPITAL NAME.

The actor which is Upper and Lowercase (ex. Joe Job) is the one committing the patent infringement and have to reimburse the state for prepaying the fine on a finding of guilty.
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