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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
well that's because of their claim that the bread they ate for mass actually turned into the body of christ...which would be cannibalism

Unless of course the bread is made from wheat and jesus was an anthropomorphism of the corn spirit in which case christians really are eating the body of jesus...aren't they?

Sure but they'd perhaps struggle to find anything within their dogma that justifies it

satanists on the other hand would merely be following the doctrines of their religion if they were making sacrifices

I guess the issue is over whether or not something is publically tolerated or kept underground. At the moment satanic sacrifice would not be publically tolerated however practitioners like crowley would i'm sure like to change that
The reality is there are people who do human sacrifice, as shown by the young african boy who was killed in a ritual in London, apparently part of some African ritual. From what I rememer his stomach had gold in it and his limbs were removed. You could say that was a pagan child sacrifice but lets face, most modern western pagans are more interested in being tuned into the natural world and working with nature, etc.

We could say that those christians in the Phillipines who get nailed to crosses a easter are following some satanic cult.

I think Crowley is a fascinating subject to discuss. Maybe we should have a thread on that?
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