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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
i've read his autobiography

what if satanic child sacrifice were part of the pagan revival?

would you have a problem with it then?
Lol, bit of a christian fundy response that, totally false and fear based. There was a time christians were accused of practising cannabalism you know.

Why do your view points always revolve around the very worst things? there are christians who would happily kill pagans in this modern age. That is pretty satanic.

Also, paganism isnt one overall term. It basically refers to anything that is not christian. Even jews and muslims were once under this umbrella term. To say that pagans embrace such things per se is wrong and false because while its entirely possible that some would you would find that most would rightly see such things as vile and disgusting. You seem to hold a candle for the christians even though you profess to not be one. How odd.
I shoot up vertically like an arrow, and become that Above. But it is death, and the flame of the pyre. Ascend in the flame of the pyre, O my soul! Thy God is like the cold emptiness of the utmost heaven, into which thou radiatest thy little light.

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