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Originally Posted by JustMe418 View Post
I agree that the idea of thm being roads can be questionable but I would think you dont need to walk in exact straight lines between markers.
stone circles are very elaborate 'markers'

why not just have cairns if that is all they are doing?

Originally Posted by JustMe418 View Post
Presumption of truth is not truth. Some people want such things to be true.
no need to presume when you have lots of information and have been posting stuff about it online for years over many different threads and platforms

you shouldn't presume that everyone has as little knowledge as you relating to that issue

Originally Posted by JustMe418 View Post
I agree that some animals follow such magnetic lines but are these the same as leylines and if so do they actualt form a global grid? I guess what has put me off a bit is the fanciful theories that get thrown around which help to conceal truth rather than reveal it.
not only do they form a network but they have also been proactively sabotaged by the freemasons and their offshoots such as the royal antiquarians

there's a theory to chew on
I believe the public should have a say in their own fate and that is why i support free speech. Any media talking heads who argue that free speech must be curbed are arguing that the public should not be allowed a say in their own fate
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