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Originally Posted by indolering View Post

Wonderful post, swamideva. I see we have followed similar paths, you and I, and probably similar to many Icke fans of our generation. David plays a vital role in the world today, and it's not too surprising that many people are dismissive of his work, given the extent of the lies permeating our everyday lives. I believe that one's intuitive sense of truth is what draws many of us to David's sphere of influence. At least for me, I felt that here was a man with courage, dignity, grace and intelligence who verifies much what I have already learned and fills in the many gaps of my understanding of the world. After reading Bill Cooper's Behold A Pale Horse in 1990, I was always on the lookout for further verification of the grand conspiracy. Michael Topper and Jim Marrs were helpful along the way, but it was Icke who really brought it all home for everyone to see.

We are fortunate to have David's guidance during this critical time in our journey on Earth...we need all the help we can get, and David's clear expose of our common dilemma is a blessing indeed.

Well said my friend and kindred spirit.
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