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I have just been thinking how little David Icke's work is discussed on this forum. Its obvious to me at times that many are ignorant of his work especially those who who promote mainstream scientific ideas and beliefs.

I had heard of the NWO in my teen years when i found out about The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion from a friend who was being introduced to The National Front. I knew they were rascist and anti immigration. Then i found out it went deeper that really they were anti semetic, and were aware of what they considered to be a Jewish Conspiracy to control the world. I was shown quotes from The Talmud and was given a book list to research, which i did at the central reference library.

I did not join the National Front, by the way, i just hung around out of curiosity. In later years i would mention the Protocols to people and either nobody had heard of it or if they did refused to speak about it.

Then years later i stumbled upon The Iluminatus Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson. This was a crazy fictional account of a world wide conspiracy it mentioned world leaders and famous people by their real names. So i started to make a note of the names in the book that i had not heard of like Adam Weishapt and did some research and they were all real too, as i went deeper down the rabbit hole.

More years past and in the early 90's a friend lent me a copy of, 'And The Truth Shall Set You Free' i could not believe it, the first thing i thought was why is this person not dead, how can he get away with saying this stuff, accusing world leaders of pedophilia and drug dealing. It was obvious it was all true as there were no libel suits pending against him. I then set about reading his earlier books like The Truth Vibrations and Robots Rebellion. At this time i was becoming involved in The New Age Movement on my spiritual journey as i was already involved with Eastern religions. I had looked into all religions in my search for truth and found the new age movement to be an amalgamation of them all, with a loving forgiving god instead of a envious judgmental christian god, it was very attractive and loving.

Strangely enough i accepted what David said as most likely truth, (he himself admitted that there was disinformation everywhere, and some would most likely creep into his books) though i had reservations on his views on religion and reptiles particularity snakes. I believed that the Vedas of India was the truth and accepted the Hindu pantheon of gods and demigods. I thought that what he said about religions was true except for my religion Hinduism, and i wanted to tell him so in order to put him right, so to speak. I mean i had volumes of scripture and the scientific texts of the Vedas to back me up, not to mention experience (in retrospect, brainwashing). I have also noticed that this is common amongst many as religious indoctrination goes deep, probabally over lifetimes and into genetic memory. It even gets subtle as some ancient belief systems claim not to be religions, yet a deeper investigation reveals a hierarchical structure and it is obvious that they are.

Then I looked into Osho's teachings, i was aware of him earlier but considered him a demon because my gurus has told me so and that following him would lead me to hell. I found that he told the truth about the hypocrisy of Indian religions and mysticism, basically by saying that they were as much bullshit as Christianity and all religions. He was an impressive man of small stature who took on all the worlds religions and politicians and never backed down from his truth, he was often disrespectful and blasphemous to those who held power, an excellent role model. With Oshos help and a study of enlightenment a concept unknown in Indian mainstream and Abrahamic religions i was able to release myself from the mental and psychic bondage of religious belief. It was a scary process the doubting part of me wondered at times if my gurus were right and if i was in fact following a demon to hell. Though eventually i did succeed. Osho taught me to be true to myself and follow no one, not even him, it was my truth that was important. He said that his teachings were his truth, that he passed them on besause he liked to talk, and that if i accepted them as my own then they would be second hand, and if i passed them on they would be third hand. He also insisted that i leave him behind, which i have done, though i offer him much gratitude and love for helping me free myself from slavery to the Vedas and traditions that are five thousand years old.

The above shows how deep and pervasive religious conditioning is. I no longer adhere to any religion or belief system new age or old age. Though neither have i rejected outright what i learned from those religions either, there is truth is all of them or they would not be attractive, its just necessary to discern the lies that are mixed in. It was no easy task leaving religion behind as the conditioning goes deep and considering i was born into a catholic family i was well gone. It was a lengthy, scary and involved process of de-programming myself and learning to understand my psychology.

So i understand from my experience those who are conditioned into religious belief systems. Of all my friends involved in religion i was the only one who escaped completely. The brainwashing goes deep and its only possible to understand that by leaving it behind. Even those who were not brought up religiously are still programmed by the inherent religious belief sytem of their culture. In the West especially there was a time when the church and state were one, though this is not now the case most of our laws and conditioned beliefs have their origins in religious scripture.

Well i did not know i was going there, and this thread is about David Icke and so far this post has been about me. As Einstein says, its all relative.

I have only seen David Icke speak once that was in the 90's, in my new age days i was at a Mind and Body and Spirit festival and David was there, he spoke in a small marque tent to about 20 people and had a stall inside with his books. I was already familiar with his books so his talk was nothing new to me, though i enjoyed his presentation.

At the time i was reading Pleiadian channeled books like Barbara Marciniak and 'The Pleiadian Agenda' by Barbara Hand Clow. On Davids stall at the festival were two people a man and a woman, so i stopped by for a chat. I explained that i was taking Davids work further than the Illuminati and the NWO onto cosmic levels and the idea that we were in fact being controlled by aliens and have been for many millennia, and that they were known as The Annunaki. The man was interested and i gave him details of the books that i was reading, the woman was gobsmacked and i watched her as her eyes popped out of her head and her chin hit her chest in disbelief at what i was saying . Soon after that David began to speak about reptilians, and i often wondered if i played any part in that by the information that i gave to the worker on his stall that day. Though i think probably not as new information does generally not come from one source, but has a tendency to appear at unrelated places at the same time, when the world is ready.

The rest is history so they say.

I would like thank David and express my heartfelt gratitude, he has been a big part of my journey and of my life's unfolding and individual evolution and growth. I have often felt that he and I were on the same page, especially regarding his spiritual message which has always been his solution, the last chapter of his earlier books was always a message of self empowerment through individual spirituality. We will find our way out of this mess through the realisation of who we are in essence, infinite consciousness, spiritual beings on a human journey and that knowing this is the freedom from fear, as there is ultimately no death only a transition from one state of being to another.

I am now watching 'Awaken' his last Wembley presentation and it has to be his best yet, though i have not finished it yet. I keep thinking how many on this forum need to watch this talk and let go of so many preconceived belief systems about this conditioned reality. I also have to keep reminding myself we all have our own personal journeys and come to the truth in our own ways, we are all also at differing levels of awakening and de-programming, also the journey is also not an easy one, it has not been so for me and neither has it been so for David.

So i will finish by again expressing my gratitude and thanks and say that i am honored to have come across Davids tireless efforts in my life, he has been a major inspiration to me and another role model to keep going, to never give up the search for truth in spite of all adversity and the ridicule of others.

Namaste. So much love. :luv::luv::luv:
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