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Originally Posted by mrsj View Post
I would like to say I fully Believe the Reptilian side of David's work, maybe those who think differently are not at that level of understanding yet, as it is perfectly acceptable to me... I don't find it far fetched at all...
It's entirely reasonable to think that ETs have been interacting with Earth & humanity for millennia. But people hear 'reptilian humanoids' and it tends to freak them out and then they ridicule the notion to make themselves feel better. It's unfortunate, perhaps, but that's human nature. We won't learn the truth until we learn to step outside the box we're in. I commend David for his courage to speak the truth, the whole truth, as he sees it. Further, you don't have to accept everything he says; take what resonates and agrees with other researchers.

No one wants to hear that we're pawns of hideous reptiles who drink our blood and live off our fear; the truth is not always pretty. But without the truth we can never hope to extricate ourselves from our enslavement.
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