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Originally Posted by Prince_Arthur View Post
The video says it all in less than 5 minutes – outstanding!
wow great clip!

those guys really nail it huh? The voiceover guy in that song mentions the knights templars and that the inns were named 'arms' because they were founded by military orders. This reminds me of what the romans did which was to radiate straight roads out from londinium (luds gate) across the country so that they could move troops around quickly to pacify the locals if they rose up to challenge their occupiers.

The same was done in the scottish highlands when general wade built roads across the highlands and a series of forts was built up the great glen from fort william to fort augustus to fort george as well as a barracks near kingussie. Interestingly an abbey in fort augustus was caught up in an abuse scandal but i'll leave that there...

This was all done to pacify the highlands and INNS were definately part of this infrastructure because they were placed a certain distance apart to enable people to travel along those roads and gain shelter and sustenance for themselves and fodder for their horses. In his book 'the poor had no lawyers' andy wightman mentions inns as one of the conditions imposed on highland chiefs by the templar royals to pacify their lands and to enable the cultural AND physical genocide of the highlands:

'1n 1608, James VI embarked upon perhaps the most decisive attempt to pacify the highlands'- p46 The poor had no lawyers

King James kidnapped by subterfuge (he invited them for a religious service onto a boat which then promptly set sail with them on board) twelve highland chiefs and threw them in prison for twelve months until nine of them agreed to sign a statute agreeing to repair kirks, establish inns, control liqeur, expel the bards and send their eldest sons to the lowlands to be educated; he hoped to abolish gaelic and establish english as the language of the highlands. he passed a statue in 1496 to have landowners sons educated in universities to learn the laws of the crown

After the battle of culloden the estates of jacobites were forfeited and heritable feudal jurisdictions and military wardholding were both abolished. This completed the feudalisation of the highlands. As highland lairds aspired to improve their status in wider british society they embraced sheep farming and drove the people off the land

Much clan land was sold off in the 1800's due to financial mismanagement. Clan chiefs were often in exile or bought out by outsiders who brought their own factors in who then lent on the local peasantry

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