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If you still believe in a kind and loving and just god, all you have to do is look inside of yourself to know this desired diety does not exist. Humans dont raise animals in captivity, feed them corn, and breed them because we love them. Personally I love cats and dogs. I feed strays, pet them, and show affection....but I also consume the meat, wear the leather, and turn a blind eye to their abuse and murder for profit and consumption. Some animals would see me as a friend/angel/loving shepherd, but others would see me as evil, cruel, and violent. If you believe god made us in his image, he is great, and kind, but also wants to eat us, use us for leather, lab testing, and feeds us corn. Dont be lured in by the intense feeling of love, like a purring kitten, because its not all love.I reccommend a Do Not Engage, never consent, never make deals with non-humans approach.
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