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Originally Posted by flyermay View Post
You are a capitalist and a classist then, but not necessarily evil.

Capitalist because your goal is to be wealthy and expand your business (capitalists never have enough). Actually, that's the reason why capitalism is due for disaster, because it can only work while the economy grows (more resources, more workers, more inflation, more ..., more ...); it can never reach a balance; balance in capitalism means economic depression.

And classist becuase you simply make a difference between "you" and "the workers".
In this world yes, I am a capitalist bacause that is the most realistic path for me to attain power(not over others, just over my life). I do not want to abstain from life until someone overthrows the military industrial complex, divides up the land equally and creats a hippy utopia, and I cannot do it on my own. And even if I could it would take money and organisation, which sitting on the dole slagging off people who try, will not get me much of.

How come if I invest my own money and create a business and invite people to work with me in exchange for a share of the profits and produce then I am bad and exploitative?

Yet if I sit on my arse living off money stolen from people who work via taxation , then I am good and not in any way an exploiter?

And why do you assume I make a class distinction between myself and those who work with me? Why do you assume I would draw a wage higher than them? Why do you feel the need to see those who work with me as poor and opressed when in reality they have often been more wealthy than myself because they had not invested all their savings in a business?
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