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Originally Posted by caleb_11 View Post
I don't think that David Icke knows where he stands politcally. He knows that he has more questions than he does answers. He criticises many ideas, but does not have many solutions except for post-modern-like ideals and the idea of 'love'. I agree with David on a few things believe his message is positive, but somewhat impractical.
I would enjoy having a beer with Mr. Icke, I really love eccentric Brits.

Years ago I would buy and read all his books, though he is very interesting and I believe sincere I was taken in by his message of 'we create reality' but now I see it more as 'we chose our beliefs.'

David Icke kinda strikes me as being an aging hippy, I guess that was his generation. And all this talk of love and oneness seems vague and impractical. Plus I just can't believe Queen Lizzy is a lizard
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