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Originally Posted by kitler View Post
I plan on turning several acres of land over to food production. To do that I first need 'more land than I need' then I need people to work the land. The food I grow on that land then needs to make a profit.
I don't want to run it as a collective since I cannot guarantee that the others in my colllective will be smart enough to make good business descisions, so it will be run by myself and myself alone.
I will not exploit my work force and I will not rape the land.
But when it works I will make a lot more money than the workers.
If the workers on this land want to, there is nothing stopping them saving the money I pay them (which will be a lot) and starting their own businesses.
Eventually I would like to own so much food producing land that I am rich enough to start a serious company. Space mining or something. Something that requires vision and wealth to happen.

Under Classist, anti-wealth, anti-progress ideology my vision is considered evil and MUST BE STOPPED.
No one has the right to stop me. Those who try will die.
You are a capitalist and a classist then, but not necessarily evil.

Capitalist because your goal is to be wealthy and expand your business (capitalists never have enough). Actually, that's the reason why capitalism is due for disaster, because it can only work while the economy grows (more resources, more workers, more inflation, more ..., more ...); it can never reach a balance; balance in capitalism means economic depression.

And classist becuase you simply make a difference between "you" and "the workers".

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