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Originally Posted by flyermay View Post
None of the countries that give a bad name to communist are actually communists; they are stuck in socialism (Stalinism actually). As Marx said, socialism is just the step between capitalism and communism, but not the final stage.
Communism, socialism and leftism are negative ideals that presuppose the victimness of all those who are not successful, and the evilness of those who are. Leftism believes that only the State can decide who makes money and who does not, and that the state should penalise through taxation all those who achieve to compensate all those who do not.

Anarchy and libertarianism are positive ideals that accept that all people are different and some will always be more succesfull than others. Anarchism/Libertarianism is the ideal that we are all responsible for our own shit and no one has the right to steal your money to compensate those who did not look after their own shit. The government not only has not got the right to tax the people, it doesn't even have the right to exist.
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