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Originally Posted by motleyhoo View Post
I'm happy it is all working out for you.

lol...thank you!

just in process of clearing house...ugh....move out end of week and I CBFA with it The amount of stuff I donated (car boots just were a piss take but still...enjoyed it, just not got enough time to spend an afternoon selling good shit for pennies.

no takers for cats....hmmm...


I am gunna stay in a colleagues field which is right next to an ancient sacred site in line with the sunset...amazing how it just came about. A fucking field man its massive...slap bang middle next to an ancient henge that reportedly had limestone pyramids.

It is the perfect place to help me transition the cats...they may get lost but better in countryside with fresh food than a town, where they hopefully will find their way back. I will be able to take short drives on the quiet roads to get them used to travelling. And I just transition myself. I am in no delusion that this may strike up a lot in me. Its a big thing. But then saving £500 plus rent, and council tax and other shit will help me save so much money.

No word from scotland (still time mind) so applied for other jobs up there. Of course most of work are aghast lol, then some are like wow youre brave and think its good Its sweetened when I answer their queries and they see Merlin...he kinda is an antidote to the 'bum' image of nomads if I think about it. I have some stealth spots in mind around my current town, not ideal but hey, days off home is my old moors. Can think of worse places
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