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Originally Posted by motleyhoo View Post
One thing to think about. You can run a fan off a small solar panel inverter kit to keep your kitties cool and fresh while you're at work. Just stick it to the roof and run the wire down through one of the cracked open windows. Get a big enough panel and you can also power a small 12 vdc cooler.

Another thing, Audis are expensive to fix when things break. I wish I had mine back tho. I replaced it with a VW Jetta diesel. It's not as nice, but I can get almost 600 miles between fill-ups.
me likey your idea.... One of the key things I will have is a large roof box to put clothes and wetsuit/bodyboard in and other stuff I wont use everyday. This will limit my solar panel sizes. I have seen a cooler which with ice can last upto 5 days...I want to see if this is viable first because a) I am shit at anything involving 'doing stuff like this' and b) I want to be as free from electricity powered things as i can. Having said that, I am looking for a solar panel kit to charge my laptop...and it would be good to know about tech stuff.

Gunna see what car comes up....Merlin is working on the case he tells me ....I am to name my new car after him he said ...happily
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