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thank you for your reply, I love these lil buggers and I wouldnt wanna stress them out so am going to look at fostering them out until I build funds and business up whilst nursing. I jus didnt wanna face it. But now I have it feels like a weight has been lifted.

It will make life easier to be able to stealth camp in hospital car park and wild camp when not at will be much cheaper too. When I get sorted, they can come home and I can take them with me on my jaunts. They tend to stay around me when Im outside so put these two in real nature and they wont be going anywhere

I asked an ex if he could look after them (he was their daddy and loved them and truly got both of them and still has psychic connection with my black one)
He would have done, but hes on a journey flying nest like I am

I am putting it out there to a colleague who is a great animal person like I am, lets animals be themselves and just fab in herself.....I am hoping she can help me and my fur babes

On a side unit that will be main piece of conversion....looking shabbily good and just perfect. Roadie is on sale from the 3rd July....predictably the engine management light of doom has just come on go get him looked at, hope its nowt.

My Nomad Nurse life begins (I sense a youtube channel coming on)

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