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I reckon he's such a blessing, David.
I love how much research he's done and the way he presents it to us so clearly and concisely. He never asks us to believe it all but points us within.
I don't think David gives us all this data because he thinks we should remember it verbatim. I think he is giving it to us to initiate a shift in our consciousness, which might be almost imperceptive when it starts. No doubt about it, his info shifts us out of general malaise which is a great first step. It creates a disconnect in the individual mind from the collective hypnotized mind. It's not possible to go back when that happens.
I reckon the actual info he presents is secondary - I think it serves the purpose of shifting us out of the doldrums of being confused about why our culture doesn't seem to add up. But David's main intent seems to be ushering us beyond all that to our true natures.
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