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Default Titanic never sank

I know this isn't a subject that's really much talked about on here or taken seriously, but it still interests me enough to mention it.

We mostly are aware of the theory of Titanic and her sister ship Olympic being allegedly switched, motivated possibly due to the federal reserve and insurance, however, according to an article posted on Miles Mathis' website (and by the way I'm not saying I agree with everything he says judt that he does put out some intriguing alternate theories), claims that Titanic nor Olympic ever sank, and instead it was one big staged disaster involving a few hundred people, incl John Jacob Astor. The supposed 1500 dead were allegedly made up and none of them existed. At the end of the article, which by the way is very lengthy, it makes a claim that Titanic became another similar ship which was sent to the far East.

It also claims that Titanic was nowhere near an icefield, because the path she was taking was within the warmer seas and nowhere near where icebergs would be present (apparently the field lies 400 miles further north around the Labrador current). I've always had the impression that that's where Titanic was headed and sank, but this article seems to suggest it was on a parralell course with New York in pretty much a straight line.

I wouldn't say it's impossible to pull off such a hoax, especially in light of today's events where official stories of events are being pulled apart as revealing they are staged, but how do you hide a ship that has supposedly just sank resulting in the deaths of 1500 people?. What happened when Titanic supposedly left Southampton on her Maiden voyage with all the well wishers seeing her off? did she just slip away from view somewhere else?. Wouldn't people have seen it?. And what about the wreck we are shown?. According to this article, at that depth (which is about 12,000 ft deep) it would be impossible for any light source to penetrate the dark water and see anything.

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