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Lightbulb A Plane

Since the 1950s, KLM presents all of its World Business Class passengers with a unique gift: a Delft blue miniature traditional Dutch house. These miniatures are reproductions of real Dutch houses and are filled with Dutch gin, genever.. The houses, however, have not always been filled with genever: initially the houses were filled with Bols liqueur, while in 1986 the switch was made to Bols young genever..Air France-KLM's frequent flyer programme, Flying Blue, awards members miles based on the distance travelled, ticket fare and class of service.. On 24 April 1923, Fokker F.III H-NABS departed Lympne for Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The aircraft was not heard from again. It was presumed to have crashed into the sea, killing the pilot and both Passengers...

On 1 June 1943, KLM Douglas DC-3 PH-ALI "Ibis" (which had escaped the Dutch occupation and was operating under lease to BOAC), operating BOAC Flight 777, was shot down by 8 German Junkers JU 88 fighters over the Gulf of Biskay while on the scheduled Lisbon-Bristol route. All 13 passengers and four KLM crewmembers perished. The same aircraft survived 2 previous attacks in November 1942 and April 1943..On 20 October 1948, KLM Lockheed Constellation PH-TEN "Nijmegen" crashed near Prestwick, Scotland, killing all 40 aboard.

On 14 August 1958, KLM Lockheed Super Constellation PH-LKM "Hugo de Groot" operating KLM Flight 607-E from Amsterdam to New York via Shannon Airport crashed into the ocean 180 kilometres (110 mi) off the coast of Co. Galway, Ireland. 91 passengers and 8 crew members died..On 25 October 1968, KLM Aerocarto Douglas C-47A PH-DAA flew into Tafelberg Mountain, Suriname, following an engine failure whilst on a survey flight. The aircraft collided with the mountain in cloudy conditions, killing 3 of the 5 people on board

On 27 March 1977, KLM Boeing 747-206B PH-BUF operating KLM Flight 4805 and Pan Am Boeing 747–121 N736PA operating Pan Am Flight 1736 collided at Tenerife North Airport, Canary Islands, killing 583 people. The incident has the highest number of on-board fatalities of any single accident in aviation history..In 2011, KLM announced plans to start to use recycled cooking oil as biofuel to power more than 200 flights from Amsterdam to Paris. On 19 June 2012, KLM made the world's first-ever transatlantic KLM flight fueled partly by sustainable biofuels to Rio de Janeiro. This was the longest distance that any aircraft had flown on biofuels.. In March 2013, KLM announced that it would begin weekly flights from John F. Kennedy Airport to Schiphol using biofuel..KLM started KLM AirCares in 1999. KLM AirCares is a programme that aids underprivileged children in developing countries that KLM flies to.., I love the smell of nicotine in the morning.. Smells like - victory!.Do I scare you- People are Ether Drawn to me, or they pretend like they can't see me.. It's a trip.. They think because I'm close to the other side, I got some sort of power or Wisdom..Makes me wanna sniff some lines and go fly a jet!..

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