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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
You've stirred up my interesting in this which I've never heard of.
What do you do with it after you collected them and put them up on the wall?
Spin them around? Or is it like a trophy, something to look at?
Daemons will come an take up residence in the(glass/crystal) skulls , they will invite your attention, suck your energy and influence your life .... They gravitate towards statues , icons , effigies, anywhere humans give their attention ...

Blueskull6111 already finds himself being hypnotically drawn into the one he has ... seeing all sorts of things in there .... this is almost certainly made from glass hot glass can be pushed into steel molds , very easy and quick to make once the mold is made, visitors to this tourist site will buy thousands of them .... But the 'artisan' may have anchored a daemon in it already, who knows??

Originally Posted by blueskull6111 View Post
I don't know the main reason for the Aztec skull racks, but the main one in Tenochtitlan was huge. ...
Main purpose must have been to strike terror into the normal people ....

These were head racks , when relatively fresh , brains would have been oozing out , eyes dangling , flesh hanging off , swarms of flies ...and the stench!

Exactly what british monarchs would do if a town rebelled. Cut off the heads of the ring leaders and put them on pikes for the people to see , remind them who was the boss ... strike terror in their hearts ...

Heads on pikes at queen elizabeth fort

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