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"The word "person" extends to and includes co-partnerships and bodies corporate and politic."-Rhode Island Statute SECTION 43-3-6

In other state like Rhode Island, the best way is to deny you meet the statutory definition of person.

Don't let the attorneys at (out) law talk you to believe that Tennessee prostitution law applies to heterosexual activity.

They will try to tell you that the word "include" is expansive and when it is used, it doesn't limit to what is mention.

You just say it is true. The word "include" doesn't exclude not mentioned activities but cannot exclude homosexual activity.

English grammar doesn't allow to use the word "include" to exclude the homosexual sexual relations and substitute it heterosexual activity. In addition, heterosexual sexual relations is not mentioned in the definition.

Include is expansive to cover everything not mentioned that is similar to the component mentioned. Trans gender sexual activity is close to gay sexual activity. The sexual activity in Tennessee prostitution law covers transgender sexual activity although it is not mentioned. The sexual activity must also contains gay sexual activity or else it doesn't apply.

Include doesn't exclude the component mentioned (homosexual sexual relations) and it not necessary exclude the component not mentioned like Trans-gender sexual activity.

The legal system is outlaw. The word "at" means near. If you draw a circle and put the law in the middle of the circle, the legal system is out of the circle.

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