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Lightbulb Games VII Olympiad

Opening ceremony 14 August..

Closing ceremony 12 September..

The 1916 Summer Olympics, to be held in Berlin, capital of the German Empire, were cancelled due to World War I.. The after-math of the war and the Paris Peace Conference, 1919 affected the Olympic Games not only due to new states being created, but also by sanctions against the nations that lost the war and were blamed for starting it.. Hungary, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire were banned from competing in the Games..In March 1912, during the 13th session of the IOC, the bid on the behalf of Belgium to host the 1920 Summer Olympics was made by Baron Édouard de Laveleye, president of the Belgian Olympic Committee and of the Royal Belgian Football Association..No fixed host city was proposed at the time..Among the 22 vice-presidents of the committee were people with a military or industrial background..The first action of the committee was to send an official letter to the IOC in Paris, confirming Antwerp as the city for the Belgian Olympic bid.. On 13 September 1913, Pierre de Coubertin, president of the IOC, visited the grounds of the future Olympic Stadion in Beerschot..Soviet Russia was also not invited as part of its political embargo by the West.. Argentina, the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats & Slovenes, Brazil & Monaco competed as nations at the Olympic Games for the first time..Between 23 and 30 April 1920, an ice hockey tournament marked the early start of the Games.. Held in the "Palais de Glace" or Ice Palace in Antwerp, it was the first time that ice hockey was an Olympic sport..Duke Kahanamoku retained the 100 m swimming title he won before the war..

Aileen Muriel Riggin..

She competed in the women's springboard diving and won a gold medal, becoming America's youngest ever gold medallist at that time, later surpassed by Marjorie Gestring..She was also America's smallest Olympic winner, at only 4 feet 8 inches (1.42 m) and 65 pounds (29 kg)..She later competed in the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris, and became the only woman to win medals in both diving & swimming; the silver medal in springboard diving and the bronze medal in the 100-meter backstroke..Backstroke is an ancient style of swimming, popularized by Harry Hebner.. It was the second stroke to be swum in competitions after the front crawl..As the local Olympic Organizing Committee went bankrupt during the Antwerp 1920 Games, no official report of the Games was ever produced.. The documents of the Games were archived at the Belgium Olympic Committee headquarters in Brussels..The USA won 41 gold, 27 silver & 27 bronze medals..These Olympics were the first in which the Olympic Oath was voiced, the first in which doves were released to symbolize peace, and the first in which the Olympic Flag was flown... for making a marytr of me..I have always depended on people being nicer than me, and I have never in my life been disappointed..There is no shame in being poor!.Do you wish for a blindfold?..

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