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Law of attraction can work on very subtle levels that we arent even aware of most of the time.

Go to the pub and start acting like a nob and you will attract unwanted negative attention.

Go to pub and be friendly and most of the time you will have a good night.

That is very simplified but very true. The layers are numerous and Im of the opinion they go down to levels most people couldnt concieve.

Try walking in a room and being the miserabilist person you ever seen, see how it brings the room right down. Likewise try walking in a room positive and see how you can lift the mood. Thats law of attraction at play.

Same scenario being played out on a global scale right now. Mainstream media spreads doom and fear, public collectively worldwide are despondent which mirrors right into the physical we live in. We allow ourselves collectively for this to happen by our very thought.

Imagine a world without fear, the slave system would break down.

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