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I just spotted a post someone made which supports my guess quite a lot. I tend to think that Orgonite doesn't convert negative to positive energy but swallos electromagnetic energy which of course results in dozens of positive health effects on biological lifeforms of all kind.

Originally Posted by
This is really incredible - last night tested my "ice cream cone" orgonite on top of the microwave - monitored with a really expensive ELF meter. I was very suprised by the results! There appeared to be a "wave" that rotates around from the orgonite - ELF reading dips way below ambient level - then peaks around 5 - back down to 1.8, etc (would go to 8 or 10 and stay steady at the yard distance I was measuring - when the orgonite was not present).

I put a wire wrapped crystal in the orgonite - I think that really helps.....

Everyone should put orgonite on top of the microwave - really seems to suck up the bad energy and transmute it.
This capability is quite amazing, actually too good to be true.

Back on germany's main orgonite vendor, I saw the mats they make for glasses of water to put on. They put so many candy elements into it, far too expensive for me.

This is what they tell about it (translated):

They give two comparison pics

Crystal structure of an energized probe of Überlingen (location) tap water enhanced by Orgonised Germany's (orgonite)energizing mat..
The accumulated 60° angle structure indicates of quality from natural spring-water.

Crystal structure from unaltered tap water. The 90° degree angle structure indicates of harmful information in the water.

so I've had an idea. Why not regularly put our glasses of drinking water on tower busters?
Their shape seems to fit the purpose quite well .
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