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Originally Posted by steevo View Post
Is there an opposite to orgonite, that makes good ions/waves (or whatever it is) turn into bad ones ? (I hope not lol)

Edit : I suppose it will be the TETRA Masts and things like that. But is there a "bad" crystal "set up" that could be made (I hope not) ?
That may be down to the intent of the maker. There are some extremely pretty pieces going for very expensive prices, and often seemingly snapped up by the gullible, by suspect websites seeking mostly to make a quick buck on the back of this idea, and there may well be a DOR generating component to some of the prettiest pieces on sale. If the concept is real, then it will have been taken up the powers, and may be delivering pieces which are inimicable to life and awareness
This is one of the reasons Croft's forum is invitation only
Use your own discernment, I trust very few people/websites entirely and prefer to follow my own inclinations at the cheapest possible price as I think the functionality supercedes the appearance and aesthetics
Still, looks good, tastes good, feels good, some background experience
I was dismissed some years ago, somewhat unfairly imo, as a "Rockefeller-funded environmentalist" by Don Croft, though I'm surely not, though would have liked the money
Ethericwarriors is still an authenticating source as are some others
I'm still waiting for some energy sensitive person to tell me my pieces are negative, though so far that hasn't happened

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