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Lightbulb orgonite and police radar jamming

here are some intriguing results from testing orgonite and its effect on speed checkpoint radars:

...I've been giving medium-sized rectangular pieces of orgonite to my friends. When they ask, I just tell them it helps to absorb and transmute radiation, bad electromagnetic, energy, radar, etc. into positive harmless energy. Somehow the idea came about that orgonite might function as a sort of radar jammer for police radar guns, although I was honestly a bit skeptical about it. But recently my friends got to test it out in real life with some amazing results.

They were driving the other night down a highway where one of those computerized radar checkpoints is - you know the ones that tell you your speed as you're driving by them. Well, they had one of the rectangular pieces of orgonite strapped to their dashboard. As they neared the checkpoint, the driver realized last minute that he was going 55 in a 35, but instead of reading 55 on the digital screen, the screen flashed to 20, 35, then 42 - basically a bunch of fairly random numbers. Apparently, the same thing happens when a person who has a radar jammer attached to their car drives by a police radar gun or radar checkpoint. Well, it turns out that just a block away three police cars were parked ready to give tickets, and they didn't pull them over, despite going 20 over the speed limit. To me, that seems like proof enough, but I'll see if I can repeat this experiment with a video camera or something when the po pos are not around. I don't condone reckless driving - I'm a careful driver myself. But hey, if it's a way to get more orgonite out there, and it just so happens to mess up police radar too....all the better I say ....Here's an update on my experiments with orgonite blocking/scrambling police radar.

Four friends of mine and I were driving past a radar screen on an interstate in my friend's car. My friend was going 70 mph in the fast lane. Cars in front of us in the slow lane were going 57, 62, etc. in comparison. When the radar beamed the car, it only read 46 and stuck on 46 despite the driver further hitting the gas. This is the third time I have seen the number 46 come up on a radar screen despite varying actual speed above 46 - 65, 50, 70. Maybe there's something significant about this number? It is important to note that in all three experiments the car was an old 80s Beretta with a single aluminum based TB on the dashboard.

Based on what I've seen in other automobiles, orgonite definitely has some effect on police radar regardless of the vehicle. But it seems to work best as a jammer/scrambler with smaller, lower to the ground vehicles and when a piece of orgonite is placed on the dashboard (via adhesive or other method) and/or in or near the doors of a vehicle - especially in the doors of the side of the car that is being beamed. At least, that's my experience with it so far....
With the exception of one case that happened a week ago to a group of my friends driving to Birmingham (where a radar screen read an 'E' for error when they drove past it, and another one of their friends got a ticket for going past the same screen too fast and without orgonite in his car), mostly what I notice is that orgonite reduces the amount of speed that shows up on the screen. Here in the states, I know from previous speeding tickets I've gotten, they usually take five mph off what their radar reads. So in the case of when my friends and I were going 70, and it only read 46 on the screen, that's still an almost 30 mph difference that can't be explained. But if I were going 100 mph instead of 70, when the speed limit was 55, the reading on the screen could have been a lot higher. Probably around 75, which is still 20 over the speed limit and ticket-worthy...There is something else I haven't taken into account until now, however. The numbers 42 and 46 tend to come up quite a bit on radar screens. There is the chance that orgonite causes the screen to read these number regardless of actual speed. Now, I admit, that seems unusual, but I think it's a possibility. If you're going 80 on the highway, and the screen only reads 42, in a 55, you're smooth sailing; but if you're going 25, in a 25, and the screen still reads 42, than it would be hurting you rather than helping.

So until I do further tests, I don't recommend actually using it as a radar scrambling device. It would seem that orgonite does have an effect on radar from what I and others have seen and experienced, but how exactly that effect manifests or functions is riddle I have yet to find the answer to. Don brought up one problem with these tests, and my dad, an electrical/electronics genius, brought up another: mental effect on the orgonite, and the probability of how often the orgonite scrambles radar devices. If the orgonite only scrambles radar 50%, 70%, or even 99% of the time, there's always that chance you could get a ticket; and if the only orgonite that appears to scramble radar is orgonite that I have made, well, that still isn't too helpful in demonstrating that orgonite has an effect on radar - it would just mean I have a strong mental effect on my orgonite and influencing what it does.
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